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Class AddressFmt

Create a new formatter object to format physical addresses in a particular way. The options object may contain the following properties, both of which are optional:

Defined in: ilib-full-dyn.js.

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This function formats a physical address (Address instance) for display.
Class Detail
{Object} options
options that configure how this formatter should work Returns a formatter instance that can format multiple addresses.
Method Detail
This function formats a physical address (Address instance) for display. Whitespace is trimmed from the beginning and end of final resulting string, and multiple consecutive whitespace characters in the middle of the string are compressed down to 1 space character. If the Address instance is for a locale that is different than the locale for this formatter, then a hybrid address is produced. The country name is located in the correct spot for the current formatter's locale, but the rest of the fields are formatted according to the default style of the locale of the actual address. Example: a mailing address in China, but formatted for the US might produce the words "People's Republic of China" in English at the last line of the address, and the Chinese-style address will appear in the first line of the address. In the US, the country is on the last line, but in China the country is usually on the first line.
{Address} address
Address to format

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